I gasped at the sting and the associated pleasure that shot through my body.
She rubbed it open palmed, and I felt my clit harden.
She pinched it and raised it from within its hood before giving me another smack making sure it impacted with my now firm clit. Brother plays sister.
My body bounced off the bed as I gave a shriek of pleasure and pain.
“Mia, gag her,” Angel ordered.
Mia got on the bed and straddled my face, lowering her pussy down and forcing my head back.
She covered my mouth with her pussy. Horny women in cygnet oh.
She was not presenting herself to be pleasured, but rather to prevent me from crying out.
My mouth was gagged by her body over mine.
She took my nipples between her fingers and pinched my tender nubs causing me again to try and arch my back at the sensations that shot through my body.

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Angel resumed alternately slapping and rubbing my pussy as I vainly attempted to struggle.
I lost all sensation of time and space as I was blinded and muffled.
I felt my body wracked by sobs of alternating pain and pleasure. Sam witwer dating sarah allen.
At Angel’s request, Mia lifted herself off of me.
I lay there sobbing.
Tears were running down my face.
My nipples were tingling, and my pussy felt as if it was on fire.
Mia retrieved a washcloth and wiped the tears and mascara that were running down my face. Amateur snow balling.
Angel lay down on the bed next to me and gently caresses my body.
Her fingers soothed my nipples as she wet her fingers and glided them over my nubs.
Using a feather light touch, she explored every inch of my skin completely avoiding my pussy. Busty ebony milf interracial.

As she stroked the insides of my thighs, she drove me crazy.
All I wanted was release from the sexual tension I was now feeling.
“Evie, you have now wet my appetite.
I think it is time for my dessert.
I have wanted to lick and suck your pussy since I first saw it. Gay vitrolles13127 over blog.
Would you like that?” “Angel, please.
Please do.
I am so fucking horny you can do anything you want.
My body is yours to play with, but please soon.
I’m going crazy.
” She straddled my body and laid her head on my lower belly. Japan threesome along cock sucking hitomi kit.
Her fingers explored my pussy lips stroking them lightly.

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