I seriously had never felt so aroused in all my life.
The stimulator had a thin head that practically danced on upon my swollen buttons roof, with a ridge half way down its center adding additional stimulation underneath my clit. Dating sites horny housewives.
It was practically enveloping my little love button, as I watched the pink shaft bury itself further and further into my love tunnel.
I spread my wedges further, practically breaking my tiny pink thong apart, as my juicy hole begged and begged for more.

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Rocking from shaft to stimulator then back upon the shaft my hungry little hole ate the vibe, until finally I bucked and writhed into a massive orgasm.
With my butt rising high from the cubicle, and my hips lurching forward to practically swallow my beautiful new toy, I grabbed at the soft duo balls and slid them inside my mouth, to silence my passion and temper my joy.

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The sweet tasting balls, had swam inside my scent, their taste now lingering as I bucked and moaned then spent.
With a gush of warm juice, now splashing upon my hand, dripping around the shaft to upon my butt hole land, I hadn’t thought it possible to ever feel this good as I sat with legs wide open dripping beneath the hood. Dating free.