There is a certain warmth about him that I find comforting and arousing.
As he increases his pressure on Itelyssia’s pussy, I leave her clit and proceed to lick his shaft as it plunges in and out of her. Huge cock displaced my cum wife.
Next I find his balls, hanging loose and languid, swinging back and forth lustily.
My tongue caresses them and I feel them respond to the touch of my warm mouth.
Now, with my hands, I spread her pussy wide, allowing him to gain deeper access.

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She loves this as she has often told me.
Jaano takes control, plunging his cock into her furiously.
The height of the couch allows him to stand on the floor.
Because she is on all fours, Itelyssia’s body is conveniently located at cock – level. Hot asian women fist fucking.
This gives him excellent leverage and force which he is now bringing to bear upon her.

Once he slows, I take the opportunity to run my tongue along the length of his shaft, tasting Itelyssia’s juices upon it. Murmua sex cam broadcast cam to cam for free.
I tickle his balls once again and feel them tighten appreciatively.
I said that my Lady was generous and so she is, for now I feel her tongue descend on my own pussy.

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