As a result, by the time dinner was finally served, our two wives had drunk much more white wine than they were accustomed to and were, as Jane put it ‘quite squiffy’.
Perhaps as a result of this unaccustomed tipsiness, It took me much longer than it should to realise Penny was quite deliberately touching me on my thighs and calves under the table. Willrd f libby carbon dating.
I tried to ignore it, but when I looked up she gave me what could only be described as a suggestive grin.
Her eyes sparkled with mischief and I quickly looked round to see if Paul or Jane had noticed.
To my relief, they were both poring over a map, planning the next day’s excursion.

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I could feel my erection straining painfully against my jeans.
Half a bottle of wine later and the conversation after dinner had roamed widely.
As it was prone to do when alcohol featured, it had touched briefly – but only obliquely – on sex. Free usa dating apps.
Jane had heard that a mutual friend had disgraced herself at a recent business awards ceremony by getting drunk and spending the night with two men after her husband had gone home.
We all expressed the expected amount of outward shock and horror – genuine in Jane and Paul’s case – but across the table I could see Penny smiling at me again, and felt her fingers toying with my kneecap.

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So there was something of a sexual frisson in the air as the plates and cups were cleared.
Penny insisted on making more coffee and on helping me wash up in the kitchen, leaving Paul and Jane together in the lounge to continue with the excursion plans. Chathurika peris.

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