She had leased a car until she could get settled.
Saturday we took her car downtown to help her unpack.
The movers had called and had dropped everything off.
We found her parking spot in the underground lot and took the elevator to the fourteenth floor. Old cock sucking sluts.
Getting out of the elevator I noticed there were only four doors.
We waited behind her as she opened the door to her new house.
The place was just like the pictures she’d shown us.
We wandered around looking at the appliances and furnishings which were the ones in the pictures since she just added them to the price. Horny chat with a girl.
The views of East Portland along with all the amenities were breath taking.
We unpacked one room at a time Barb did her room alone because I don’t think she wanted us to see some of her personal items.

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All we seemed to talk about was the view and how exciting it was for Barb to be living here.
We took a break around noon and went down to a little Thai place for lunch.
There are several eating places on the outside first floor of the building and a few more down the street. Grannies looking for sex in bosasso.
As we were eating mom got a page from work.
It seems one of her patients was having problems so she needed to go in.
OHSU isn’t that far from South Waterfront, there’s a tram that goes from a building down there up the hill to the hospital. Free cam girls dildo.
It wasn’t working that Saturday so Barb offered mom her car.
With some reservations mom took it to check on the child.
We finished lunch then walked mom to the car.
She said she’d try and be back in a bit and took off.

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Barb and I continued unpacking her things and putting them where she wanted them.
We lined the shelves, got dishes and glasses put away and cleared enough space so we weren’t tripping over boxes.
Around four o’clock mom called to tell us that there were complications and that she’d have to be there longer. Dating voor hoger opgeleiden nederland.
Barb told her not to worry that we’d get dinner down stairs.
Just after six we headed down to get something to eat.
The variety of food places there were amazing.
There’s a little gourmet pizza place that we discovered at the base of her building. Katrinbelle www xxxn online live do.
We ordered pizza and brought a menu home for future use.
I carried the pizza back up to the condo as Barb led the way.
We sat down in the kitchen to eat and relax from a rough day unpacking.
Barb had a wide selection of drinks to choose from as long as it was wine.

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She had a nice Cabernet she had gotten as a housewarming gift so we had that with our pizza.
The pizza was fantastic as was the wine.
We managed to kill the entire bottle along with the pizza which was supposed to feed mom too. Exfoliating facial skin.
Barb cleaned off the table and ushered me into the living room.
She sat me down in front of a 60” television mounted above the fireplace.
Handing me the remote she told me she was going to take a shower and to find something to occupy myself. Hotties seeking men in newport vermont.
As she closed her bedroom door as I began scrolling through the channels.
Much to my surprise I discovered she had a couple of adult ones.
I looked at the bedroom door to be sure it was closed and clicked on one. Lookatmybitch chat six mobel arabis.
I watched as a guy was getting a blow job by two women.

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